CoDBOScreenshot 1 HD

A screenshot from the video

This is Syndicate's 100th video on the channel TheSyndicateProject.

In this video Syndicate is doing a zombie challenge (Called Use What "COD" Gave You)

Rules of challengeEdit

  • Map : FIVE
  • Rules : Allowed to run round freely and unlock as many doors as you want, but only allowed to use Pistol + Knife + Frags.
  • Allowed to pick up the following drop-able upgrades (Insta Kill, Nuke, Hammer, 10$ Box, Max Ammo).
  • Not Allowed - To Pick Up Death Machine drop-able Upgrade, Not Allowed To Upgrade Pistol.
  • Weapons Used : Pistol, Knife and Grenades.


thumb|300px|left|The Syndicate Challenge # 2, Use What "COD" Gave You