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Kaitlin Witcher Edit

Kaitlin Witcher, (Born October 22, 1992) also known as "piddleass or Kate" on YouTube is Syndicate's (The SyndicateProject/Tom) ex girlfriend. They met on a Minecraft server in 2011 when Kate payed Tom to protect her house with water but he 'griefed' her on purpose by pouring lava down it instead. She then got angry but Tom wanted to make it up to her so they added each other on Skype and it started from there. They also started a short series called "The Syndikate Adventures" which shortly stopped because Kate is American and Tom is English. They would pay visits to eachother, but it would mostly be Tom flying over to Oklahoma(Where Kate lived at the time). They broke up in July 2013 apparently due to Syndicate posting a picture with him and another girl on Twitter and Kate 'over-reacting' to it. This led to Tom calling her a 'dirty, over-posessive girlfriend' and breaking up with her.

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